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The Master's programmes of the Faculty of Business and Economics of John von Neumann University train professionals with economic and management skills in line with the requirements of the dynamically developing Kecskemét-based region. Bács-Kiskun County, the second most dynamically developing county in the country, together with its surrounding area, will require a significant number of graduates with management skills in corporate governance and strategy making in the next decade. 

At the Faculty of Business and Economics located on Kecskemét Campus, you can move up a level in our master's programmes with education management solutions that support working alongside the university:

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The MBA Master's programme of the John von Neumann University is state-accredited. Our programme has been officially reviewed and approved, and our degrees are accepted in Hungary and most countries in the world. Our MBA programme meets the general international standards of MBA education, including the European Quality Link (EQUAL) European MBA Guidelines.

The Master of International Business and Economics at John von Neumann University is state accredited. 

Detailed information on admission: felveteli@gtk.uni-neumann.hu

Higher vocational education and training (“FOSZK”)

The Higher Vocational Education and Training (“FOSZK”) provides a tertiary level qualification, the duration of which is 4 semesters. It can be offered only by higher education institutions and is available in both state-grant and self-financed forms. With this qualification, you can find a job as an assistant, administrator, organiser, or office administrator, or continue your studies at university level with favourable conditions for further progression!

Why choose it, when choose it?

  • FOSZK gives you a higher education qualification, which will be an advantage when looking for a job.
  • The minimum threshold set by the institution is 190 points, which is lower than for bachelor courses, so you have a better chance of getting a state scholarship. If you feel that you do not have enough points to get into a bachelor's degree programme, apply for FOSZK!
  • If you go on to study one of our bachelor's degree courses after FOSZK, we will award you a significant number of credits, which will shorten your bachelor's degree by at least half a year, or even a year and a half.
  • FOSZK offers you the opportunity to continue your studies in classified economics, but also in other bachelor's degrees (e.g. you can continue with  FOSZK in Economics and Management in Finance and Accounting or in International Management).
  • If you are pursuing a bachelor's degree in economics, you can get 10-32 extra points in the bachelor's admission, depending on the result of your FOSZK degree (this gives you a better chance of reaching the state scholarship threshold).

At JvNU's Faculty of Business and Economics, FOSZK is offered exclusively on a full-time basis, with state scholarships, or self-financing, in a state-of-the-art, impressive training location at the new University Campus.

Information on “Dual Training”